Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rainbow Dash - Process I

I was going to explain the processes of the three cosplays I'm working on but it was very long and I'm only going to show now the processes for Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. As I said earlier I'll wear it for Japan Expo in Paris with a group.

So here are the thinks I've done till now:

I was looking for a wig on Ebay and all around internet a Rainbow wig, but the wigs I liked were so much expensive and the cheapest I didn't like. So I decided to dye it by myself.

I used my Echo wig (from Pandora Hearts), you can see it here without painting with the different pieces I wanted to dye separated.

I used textil marker's ink dissolved in alcohol. I was very impatient and in some moments colors wanted to join. This is a progress-photo of the dyed colors.

This is the final result of the wig:

They are made with 3 mm blue foamy. The pattern is from Ai-chan, our Fluttershy in the group ^^

Finally, these are the cosplay's easiest things, these things which can be obtained on internet or in a shop by giving them some money. Sneakers, socks and lenses.

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