Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 projects

It has been a long time since I wrote here, I haven't done any cosplay since I went to Japan Expo Paris. For the time being I've only three projects for this year. What's more I'll like to rewear some of my past cosplays and redo some of the first cosplays I did.

In November I went to Londres to the concert Distant World with Final Fantasy music. When I saw it I know I had to go, it really worth it.

Royal Albert Hall Theatre

Over this time, a little bit before the year ended, I've moved to a new flat. During the move I've thrown out some old cosplays, that's why I want to redo them now. I've also set up a sewing room, it is not finished yet but I can already work there.

And these are the cosplays I know I'm going to wear this year. For the next Barcelona Japan Weekend I'll go as Jubileena, one of the girls of Sugar Rush in the film Wreck it Ralph. A Vanellope will come with me. Probably (if I go two days to JW) I'll wear my Rei Ayanami's gothic outfit.

For Barcelona Comic Fair I'll be Icecream Princess in a very huge group from Adventure Time. It would be amazing if all people listed come this day.

Last but not least, I'll go to Barcelona Manga Fair as Cure March from Smile! Precure, with my Magical Girls as the other Pretty Cure. I'm so excited to do it!!! I've already bought my wig.

I've just open a facebook page to show you my cosplays, I've already this blog but I wanted somewhere to upload photos from the process or photoshoots, and to have them organised. I'd like to wellcome all of you.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Little Pony - Miniphotoshoot

It has been a long time since I went to Japan Expo Paris, after this I went on my holidays and right now I'm very busy so I have no time at all.

I enjoyed the convention, it is very big and there are a lot of things to buy you couldn't find in Spain. I also liked the area assigned to deviantart users to show or sell their art. 

The worst thing about it was the weather, it rained a lot, I could only use two of the three cosplays I brought. I don't have any photo of my Chii cosplay and my wig finished wet.

We did a miniphotoshoot with My Little Pony group, we enjoyed it a lot and a lot of people wanted to take pictures with us!! I was Rainbow Dash. My ears broke because of the rain :(

Twilight Sparkle: Sumyuna
DJPon: Kite
Pinkie PieSae, she wasn't with us because she had to go to Brasil to represent Spain in Yamato Cosplay Cup.

My Little Pony with Kamui

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chii - Finished

I've just finished one of the cosplays I'm going to wear in Japan Expo Paris. In the last post I show you all I had done of Chii's cosplay, the skirt, gloves, tights and a usb going out of one of the ears needed to be done.

I bought the gloves and the tights in ebay, and I sew on them the red part.

The shoes are the same I used for Madoka's cosplay, I have only paintede them again. Atashi is also part of my cosplay xD

Here I'm showing my usb going out my ear.

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