Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Little Pony - Miniphotoshoot

It has been a long time since I went to Japan Expo Paris, after this I went on my holidays and right now I'm very busy so I have no time at all.

I enjoyed the convention, it is very big and there are a lot of things to buy you couldn't find in Spain. I also liked the area assigned to deviantart users to show or sell their art. 

The worst thing about it was the weather, it rained a lot, I could only use two of the three cosplays I brought. I don't have any photo of my Chii cosplay and my wig finished wet.

We did a miniphotoshoot with My Little Pony group, we enjoyed it a lot and a lot of people wanted to take pictures with us!! I was Rainbow Dash. My ears broke because of the rain :(

Twilight Sparkle: Sumyuna
DJPon: Kite
Pinkie PieSae, she wasn't with us because she had to go to Brasil to represent Spain in Yamato Cosplay Cup.

My Little Pony with Kamui

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