Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chii - Process I

As I said earlier I’m going to Japan Expo Paris next July. I’m going to wear this Chii outfit. I have for some time now liked this version and I was really looking forward to do it. Besides, now I have the perfect shoes for it, the shoes I used for my Madoka cosplay.

The crown is made with Foamy, little balls and painted with golden metallic paint. I tried to find a red headband but I couldn't I just bought any one and covered it with the red fabric I'll use in my skirt.

The last week my Chii wig arrived, it is horribly long (150 cm), I had to braid it after comb. So, I wanted to show it with some of the other things I have done.

The ears and tubes on the hair are also made with foamy (white and pink), for the white part I used a pattern I found on the internet, and the pink one I made he pattern my self by cutting and trying. They are not totally finish yet because I want to put inside a retractable usb, and I have to go and buy it.

I bought the corset on ebay because I found a very nice and cheap one. I've changed the satin ribbon of the back and added the black bias ribbon and the black lace with red satin ribbon.

The necklace is made with satin red fabric pleated and the black lace sewed on it. I have to thank Jasone because she gave me the crown pendant. You should visit her Etsy shop, she has really nice things.

Finally this is Atashi, muy plushie friend. I made her using a pattern designed by artflower.

I have been thinking and I have a Japanese exam at the end of the month and I have to study a lot. So, I'm not going to continue with my Rikku cosplay, not now... Instead of it I'll do this one, it is easiest and I'll have time to sew and to study.


  1. great job on the crown. VERY NICE :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Now I'd like to make photos with that, in Paris the weather didn't let me do it.


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