Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Harley Quinn - Process

I never finish a cosplay with time, I'm always sewing since the last day before the event I'm going to wear my cosplay. I would like to show my work in progress while I was doing it, but I couldn't do both sewing and writing. So, here you have the photos I did during the process.

The top hat is done with Foamy covered with the fabric I bought for the corset. I chose red and black bridal satin for it. I'm doing a tutorial explaining how to do a top hat like this, I will put it here soon.

I used red and black dupion for the jacket and the bustle and organza to give the bustle more volumen. I don't have photos from the bustle because I did it improvising while I was sewing.

I have to admit that I'm very proud of my boots, I did them in a night. I used black and white imitation leather and golden click buttons.

The gun is the same I used the last year for Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylumm game painted in gold.

Finally, the wig is a medium size wig with two ponytails. I would like to do them bigger but I didn't have more time to style it.

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