Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sakura Kinomoto Project

Some days ago I received a Sakura Kinomoto's wig, I bought it from a friend of mine and it is really nice, I love it!!!

This year I want to cosplay Sakura. It was the first cosplay I did, the pink dress of the movie The sealed card. Now I want to cosplay Sakura again, I don't care if it is Sakura from cardcaptor, tsubasa or both!! I like outfits from the two series.

I have several outfits in mind, from tsubasa I'll do for sure the dress she is wearing in the cover of the 9 volume.

This is the other one, looking for the image on the internet I've seen a lot of Sakuras that I like. Clamp's desings are lovely!

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